Njavara Kizhi

Revitalize Your Body With Njavara Kizhi

Njavara Kizhi is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy that involves the application of a warm herbal rice bolus massage to the body. It is an effective method of treating various ailments like arthritis, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and neuropathy, and is widely practiced in Kerala, India. Pearl Ayurveda, based in the UAE, offers authentic Njavara Kizhi therapy to clients seeking a holistic approach to healthcare.

The therapy begins with the preparation of the Njavara rice bolus, which is made by cooking the rice with medicated herbal decoctions, milk, and herbs. The bolus is then dipped in warm medicated oil and applied to the body with rhythmic pressure. The gentle massage stimulates blood flow, relieves muscular tension, and helps in the removal of toxins from the body. The therapy is known to be particularly effective in treating joint pains and neurological disorders.

Pearl Ayurveda offers customized Njavara Kizhi therapy sessions to suit the specific needs of individual clients. The therapy is administered by skilled therapists who are trained in the traditional Ayurvedic techniques. The therapy room is designed to create a serene ambiance, promoting relaxation and healing. The therapy is performed in a private room, allowing the client to experience the full benefits of the therapy in complete comfort and privacy.

Pearl Ayurveda is committed to providing high-quality Ayurvedic treatments that are safe, effective, and authentic. The clinic follows strict hygiene and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of clients. The therapists use only natural and herbal products that are sourced from reputable suppliers. Pearl Ayurveda also provides lifestyle and dietary advice to clients, encouraging them to adopt healthy habits that support their overall well-being.

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